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Friday, September 14, 2007

Espresso or Decaf?

A CONTEST Brewed with you in mind!
$25 Starbucks Gift Card

You are what you eat. Or drink. Feeling like a jolt to jumpstart your morning? How about a double espresso? Health conscious? Try a decaf. Plain Jane? Well, that's what we used to have with the "good to the last drop" of yesteryear.
As writers we can learn a little from the escalating popularity in specialty coffees and drinks. We all need fresh ways of describing characters, and boy, does the coffee industry know how to get creative with description. Here's a sampling of what I found. Which one fits you?
  • Delicate with a cocoa finish
  • Elegant with floral, citrus, and herbal notes
  • Exotic and unpredictable
  • Pleasingly mild with a nutty complexity
  • Light-bodied (don't I wish?)
  • Velvet smooth and roasty sweet
  • Nutty and smooth
  • Hint of acidity
  • Balanced and straightforward
  • Earthy and full-bodied
  • Dense, caramel smooth
  • Blunt, smoky, and intense
  • Fleeting, floral aroma
  • Not for the timid
  • Lush and full-bodied
  • Bold acidity with a crisp finish
  • Frothy and sweet
Sounds like the cast of a great novel, doesn't it? Because I LOVE coffee and am anxious to get to know some of you, I'm hosting a contest. Right here friends, I'll be giving away a $25 Starbucks gift certificate for your sipping pleasure. Not a coffee drinker? Be a sport and bless one of your coffee-lovin' friends with a nice gift.

RULES: Post a comment on this post telling me which kind of coffee describes you. If you're a tea-sipper or mocha junkie, no problem. Just leave a comment anyhow and let me know you want to be in the drawing. Please include contact information. E-mail or website. No phone numbers or street addresses (for your protection).
When I reveal the winner, I'll tell you which coffee personality I am!
I'm off to refill my cup. Have a glorious weekend!


heartcutepenguins said...

I'm going to go with frothy and sweet *giggle*

Myra said...

Blunt, smoky, and intense. Me. Oh yeah.

Melissa said...

I will have to go with blunt, smoky, and intense...although that isnt' the type of coffee I like! LOL.

ForstRose said...

I'm a herb tea junkie, chai lattes, mochas, lattes, or anything coffee that is flavored and decaf where you don't really taste coffee just the yummy stuff -lol! SB has my favorite chai lattes so far. They aren't easy to get just the right spiciness and SB does it though I usually resort to making my own because it's less costly. Please enter me in the contest. forest_rose[at]yahoo[dot]com

Cecelia Dowdy said...

Plain old French Roast with a touch of chocolate, cream, sugar, and a bit of whipped cream on top!

Ane Mulligan said...

Most definitely "Pleasingly mild with a nutty complexity" - although I have to say I'm not sure about the mild part. LOL The nutty, yes. :o) But I'm a real caffiene junkie for sure. My favorite coffee is Millstone's Chocolate Velvet, which I carry with me when I travel. If you're at conference and want to try it, come find me. :o)

I just discovered a new Starbucks flavor that has me licking my lips - Orange Mocha! YUM

So yeah, enter me, please! LOL

Marion Kelley Bullock said...

"Delicate, with a cocoa finish." Yeah, that's me. Or mocha. Wow, Ane, Orange mocha? That would make my day!

I enjoyed your blog, Carla.



Hope Chastain said...

Can I be a combination? Not one of those fits everything...

If I can only be one, I'd have to go with Balanced and straightforward. But if I can mix & match, then I'm Not for the timid, intense, with a nutty complexity, floral aroma, sweet, with a hint of acidity. *grin*

e-mail hope_chastain [at]
Thanks for entering me!

patti lacy said...

Does it come from fragrant beans? feathery leaves? I'll drink it--if it's legal! Sign me up for your contest. You have a great website.

Nancy said...

Hi Carla,

Coffee junkie here. I'll have to say I'm Earthy and Full-bodied. However, I'm working on getting less full-bodied. LOL

Best to you.


Anonymous said...

Nice page, very interesting.
I am a dense, caramel smooth.
But really I like all kinds. I am a big coffee drinker.
bearhugs, Mildred

Christina Berry said...

Nutty and smooth. But I usually drink tea. When I was a teenager I'd lounge on the couch reading until someone else went into the kitchen. Then I'd ask him/her to bring me something. My dad took to calling me The Duchess. So, for tea, I'd be Earl Gray.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love smoothies!! please enter me in the contest, thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a cool contest, Carla! I'm a Starbuck's 1/2 cafe coffee-flavored frappacino (sp.) lite gal. Especially after a morning workout at the gym, and particularly because I live in sizzling Arizona. So, I guess I'd say I'm "Pleasingly mild with a nutty complexity." Although, that doesn't describe my personality. The nutty part does, but, mild? No way.

Dona Watson said...

I think I would definitely be pleasingly mild with a nutty complexity--heavy on the "nutty"! :-)

Nice website!
dl watson at verizon {dot} net

Cara Putman said...

Hmmm, I think I'm this one: Exotic and unpredictable. :-) Welcome to the blogging world. Be careful -- it gets addictive :-)

carla stewart said...

Addictive, huh? Not more than coffee, I hope.
Wow! What a diverse bunch we have, although I did see "nutty" popping up quite a bit.
Thanks for stopping by.

Michelle said...

I'm like Ane...Pleasingly mild with a nutty complexity. So if I tell you I'll link your blog to mine do I get two entries? :)

Molly said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Carie Turansky said...

Hi Carla,

I guess I'd say I'm frothy and sweet. : )

Best to you!
Carrie T.

Cherie J said...

Velvet smooth and roasty sweet is my choice. Congrats on the blog! sounds like it is going to be a fun one. Cool contest!

amyanne said...

Lush and full-bodied
Bold acidity with a crisp finish

a bit of both really. Fun idea!

Congrats on the new blog--it's great.

Christine said...

It depends on the day! LOL!! Mostly I think I would be described as "pleasingly mild with a nutty complexity" mixed with "balanced and straightforward." Is it just writers, or are people in general obsessed with coffee?? Thanks for the contest!

Lisa Jordan said...

I'm not a coffee drinker, but love the smell of fresh-brewed coffee. I drink chai lattes and tea. Your site is warm and inviting. :-)

Phyllis said...

Delicate with a cocoa finish

Audra said...

Coffee - GAG lol - but I love the steamers there!
If I were a coffee lover, I'd have to be blunt, smoky, and intense with some smooth nuttiness thrown in. ;)

Patti Shene said...

Hi Carla. I'm a new blogger too, so thought I'd check out yours. It is way more classy than mine! I still have a lot to learn.

Anyway, about the contest. I don't think there is a Starbucks within a hundrd miles of me in any direction. I don't see my favorite coffee on the list, which is hundred mile cowboy style coffee with a little milk and artificial sweetner. Can't stand all those weird flavors in my coffee! Even the thought of French Vanilla or HazelNut creamer would send me begging for a glass of just plain water.

However, enter me in the contest. I'm sure one of my Starbuck loving friends would be most pleased to receive a $25 certificate in the mail, should I win!