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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This has been a long week already. I’ve almost recovered from a nasty intestinal illness that started Saturday evening. My inability to consume food OR caffeine on Sunday left me with a migraine. More nausea and the daze of being on another planet. The stomach thing prompted a long-overdue visit to one of those doctors who specialize in torturing people of a certain age with “screening” tests. Yep, he scheduled me for the “look-see” into both ends of my digestive tract. It makes me queasy all over again just thinking about it.

Still, life goes on, and today I caught up with reading the stacked up emails. This one from our neighborhood watch in my urban development caught my eye.

My neighbors and I have seen a black chicken with a red beak and small red comb hovering around our front yards since last Friday, the 19th. One neighbor has put out food for it. If anyone knows who might be missing a chicken, please call me at ______.

I’ve mentioned before that we’ve had coyote sightings and a feral cat issue here in the middle of suburbia, but a chicken?? Good grief. I suppose someone could have just “dropped it off” hoping it would find a good home. After all, who wouldn’t want a pet chicken or two?

In the days we lived on a farm, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. We also had coyotes, raccoons, deer, an armadillo or two, even a stray emu once (although I never could explain that one). It just goes to show, when you think you’ve seen it all, something new comes along.

And speaking of chickens—that will be me next Wednesday. The day I go for my tests. Say a prayer for me, okay?


The Koala Bear Writer said...

Just think of the story here, in how a chicken ends up in the suburbs... :) My in-laws live in the foothills of Alberta, and a few months back had a raccoon wander through their farm. We don't have raccoons in this part of Canada, so we're not sure where on earth it came from or how it got there. Definately would be interesting to know - or to make up a story! :)

Myra Johnson said...

OH NO!!! You had that nasty tummy bug?? I wondered why you'd been rather quiet the last several days. So, so sorry, and I speak from experience. I ended up with a two-day headache afterward, too. Ugh, and I don't envy you the "look-see." Been there, done that, more than once! (The procedure is a piece of cake--it's the prep that's the killer!)

Patti Shene said...

Carla, so sorry to hear you've had the tummy trouble. When I had my "look-see", they gave me Versed, a neat drug that doesn't let you remember any of it! I agree with Myra. The prep is the worst. Anyway, I'll be praying that all goes well.