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Thursday, May 8, 2008

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto

A few days ago my friend . . . I use that word loosely . . . tagged me to do a Seven Random Things about me meme. Thank you, Myra. Since she took the liberty of changing hers to an animal meme, I thought I’d change it up, too.

Of course, there are rules and people to tag and all that, but let’s just say if you are reading this and want to do your own meme, you’ve got my permission. Have fun with it.

So here’s to my meme about spring.
1. Golf ball sized hailstones make BIG dents in cars. Even SUVs. The insurance adjuster will come Monday to give an estimate of the damage.
2. The tornado sirens are loud enough to wake the dead . . . or just a foggy-headed sleeper like me.
3. There is nothing softer than an infant rose petal.
4. Or more lovely than the purple irises blooming against my neighbor’s salmon-colored azaleas.
5. Home grown Romaine lettuce is better than anything you’ve ever bought at the grocery store (again, compliments of my green-thumb neighbor).
6. If you have to have a birthday, spring is a lovely time to have one.
7. Hyacinth beans take eight days to sprout when planted in the warm ground. I’ve never planted this Asian vine before and am anxious to see what happens. I caught the toddler cottontail residing under our shed eyeing them, so who knows?

Ah! Springtime in Oklahoma. I love the burst of new leaves, the overnight vegetation that softens the landscape. I even love the rain, the black clouds that dump their fury and skitter away, leaving a tingle in the air. Actually, the only thing I don’t like about spring is knowing that summer is just around the corner, and it gets mighty hot in our neck of the woods.

Got a meme you want to start? Go for it. Leave me a comment and I’ll hop over to your blog and read it.

1 comment:

Myra Johnson said...

Cool, Carla! Now, if you notice a few of your Romaine leaves missing, don't blame the bunny. I may have to hop on over there and sneak a few!

And you would not believe what my word verification letters are! Yikes!