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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Two little words. Only six letters. Oh, but they sound so lovely. Look so smart sitting there on the page. Yes, today I typed THE END! I finished my Young Adult manuscript that is an ACFW Genesis Finalist. The title for the contest is AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, and I’ve never been crazy about it—it just not too catchy, you know? Ta Da! The new title, and one I hope will hook my intended young adult audience—MUDDY WATERS. This is much more fitting with the mystery twist that drives the story and all the trouble my teen protagonist gets into. Can’t say anymore about that right now.

Having a first draft done is not to say I’m done. Next come the edits, numerous passes for all the weasel words I’m so fond of using, checks for passive writing, layering in more of the five senses, checking the tension in each and every scene, and reading it aloud for awkward sounding passages. I actually enjoy the rewriting more than the original draft and am looking forward to making the words sing.

To celebrate, we ordered pizza for supper and took Zelda for a walk. Not earth-shattering, but my load feels a little lighter tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll be back at it.

What’s the latest “big news” you’ve had? It doesn’t have to be writing related. Here at the café, we celebrate ALL our accomplishments. Let me know.


One More Writer said...

I finished my Genesis entry, too--really finished it! As in "mailed the entire manuscript to an agent" finished it! Woo-hoo!

The best part was that I put it in the mail last week on the day before school started.

Erica Vetsch said...

Congratulations, Carla! Doesn't it feel good? Will you put the ms aside for a bit before diving into rewrites?

Myra Johnson said...

Wahooo on finishing the first draft, Carla! I know what a challenge it has been for you to squeeze in writing time over the past several months.

This week I'm celebrating getting back to work on my latest project. Yep, "that" one. :>D Something about getting words on the page again really energizes me. I was sorry yesterday was Friday. With a holiday weekend upon us, there won't be any writing time again until Tuesday.

Gina C said...

Yeah for you! We finished putting in a wood floor! Now we have to pray we sell our home soon!

Terra Hangen said...

Ok, you asked for Big news and I received my first copy of my first book, via UPS, yesterday.
Wow. It is gorgeous, full color, silvery stars on the blue cover.
The title is "Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts: Stories to Warm Your Heart and Tips to Simplify Your Holiday."
Leafwood Publishers, available from Amazon, etc.

carla stewart said...

Congrats, Terra, on your new book. That is a HUGE accomplishment. To my fellow Genesis finalists, less than two weeks. Sooooo glad we've all gotten our manuscripts done. Gina, hoping your house sells quickly. Thank you all for stopping by.