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Thursday, May 7, 2009

READER HOOK PRODUCTIONS - Introducing Matt Koumalats

One thing I enjoy about the OWFI conference is the opportunity to explore topics I’ve been curious about or learn something new to add to my arsenal of technology (which sadly I need a LOT of help with). Such was my hope when I attended Matt Koumalat’s session on “New Media to Promote Your Work.”

Matt is Jodi Thomas’s son and has started a business where he produces book trailers and other video presentations for his READER HOOK PRODUCTIONS company. Nice situation for his mom—trading home-cooked meals for book trailers :-) Like his mom, though, Matt was the consummate professional.

Some facts for writers to think about:

  • 154 million people watched online videos in 2008.
  • 73% of US Internet users viewed video online in February 2008.
  • 70% of Internet users under age 30 view interactive video.
  • 43% of the online population watch favorite TV shows on the Internet.

    I don’t know about you, but this was startling to me . . . and a call that I need to be more aware of the impact this type of media will have on my future as an author. Just when I’m getting used to books being downloaded to be read, I realize that to get the word out about such books, I must be aware of attracting potential readers. Hence, the overnight popularity of book trailers.

    I’m not sure what my publisher would like to see in this format, but after hearing Matt speak, I wouldn’t hesitate to let him produce a book trailer for me. He is knowledgeable in obtaining photo, video, and music rights (which can be fraught with implications if not done properly). He gathers information about your book to get just the right feel and auditions speakers for the trailers with voice overs. The variety of book trailers he showed were sharp, intriguing, leaving a lasting image in my mind. Very impressive, Matt!

    The session concluded with some writing tips for bloggers. Some may not be new to you, but they’re all good advice.
  • Blog regularly and often.
  • Make your blog personal.
  • Link like crazy.
  • Less is often more. 250 words is enough (oops! This is longer than that.)
  • Come up with snappy headlines.
  • Write with passion.
  • Use bullet point lists.
  • Edit blogs for typos and misspelled words.

    That’s it for now. Hope it gave you something to think about. You can check out Matt’s work here.


Koala Bear Writer said...

I've seen quite a few book trailers recently - though I can't say I fit into the category of watching a lot of stuff online. It's definately a changing marketing world, though. :)

Myra Johnson said...

I've bookmarked their site, but it will be awhile before I feel like I can afford to have a professionally done trailer. All this book promo business is already blowing my mind!