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Saturday, June 20, 2009


As I went out walking one morning for pleasure,

I spied an old cowpuncher a-ridin’ along.

I cocked my head and smiled in admiration as the tune Daddy sang filled the cab of the pickup truck. The miles whizzed by, gobbled up by the Whoopie, ti-yi-yo, get along you little dogies. I’ve long since forgotten where the road ended, but the pleasure of the ride lingers. Every kid should be so lucky to have a dad swoop her up and carry her off to whatever fancy demanded attention that day.

Daddy was unusual like that, taking me or my sisters off to look at a donkey or pick up a couple of roosters, perhaps scout out a lead for a trade he had in mind. Sometimes I found myself riding shotgun as we went to the weekly livestock sale or holding a shoebox full of day-old chicks to take to the house and keep warm until the entire nest had hatched. Unusual, because in the fifties other dads didn’t involve themselves much in the parenting process, but then, normal conventions held little interest for Daddy, then or now.

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This is the beginning of a story I wrote about my dad in 2001. It was my first published magazine article and appeared in SaddleBaron: Magazine of the West. I've been blessed to have a great dad who taught me a lot of what he knows, and although I'll never be the storyteller he is, I do think I inherited a bit of his take on life - enjoying the moment. So for you, Daddy, Happy Father's Day. You've blessed me with life, a lot of laughs, and a heritage I'm proud of.

In the photo, my sisters and me with Daddy at our son's wedding last summer.


Carmen7351 said...

It's great when you share pics of your family. Makes you more real and when a need arises for prayer, I'll know who you are talking about. Thanks. Happy Father's Day to your dad!

carla stewart said...

Thanks, Carmen, for stopping by. I like seeing photos on other folks' blogs, too. The photo from the professional photographer was better than this. Here, we're all looking in different directions :-)

Josanne said...

What a delightful story. What a treasure your dad is and has been. He has truly embraced life to the fullest. You are blessed. Thank you for sharing. I have passed "Father's Day" along to the two men in my life to enjoy and savor. You certainly have beautiful binoculars with which you see the world!

carla stewart said...

Josanne, what a lovely thing to say! Thank you for passing it on to your menfolk. We're blessed to have them, eh?

Donna said...

This is a wonderful story you wrote about Daddy - brings back a lot of memories. A girl couldn't ask for a better dad. You've honored him in this great article. What fun we girls all had!! love your sis

carla stewart said...

Thanks, Donna. Now that we're . . . ahem, older . . . it's nice to remember all the good times. I do remember muttering some nasty things under my breath while pulling those nails out of boards:-)
We had a great childhood, all things considered, and I'm glad you're one that shared it with me.