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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Full and Busy Life

Things have been quite hectic around here lately. Can anyone relate? I've know that April would be a busy month, and it has been. Great things going on, but sadly I've not taken the time to share them with you here. So, this is the short version.

First-born Grandson's 13th Birthday: We didn't make it to Texas for the actual day, but we had a wonderful time seeing the kids, relaxing at the hotel pool, and having "Chocolate Dipping Stix" at Pizza Hut in lieu of cake. Such a cool kid. Happy 13th Birthday!

Writing Workshop with Susan May Warren: This was our local WIN-ACFW writing group's annual mini-conference, and WOW! Susie is just a bundle of energy. She is a fount of ideas and practically glows when she is teaching. I came away from the Friday evening and all-day Saturday event ready to tackle my next book. Honestly, though, it wore me out. My brain simply cannot hold all the info that Susie shared. If you have the opportunity, please take a weekend course or a conference class from Susie. AKA Susie May and Susan May Warren and the Book Therapist. It wasn't all work, though. The officers of our group took Susie to eat at Los Cabos on the Jenks Riverwalk and enjoyed a perfect spring evening talking about . . . what else? Writing.

Writing News: I'm counting the days until the release of Chasing Lilacs. 54.5 days right now. I've been blessed with a lovely review in Library Journal and found out yesterday that Chasing Lilacs received a 4 1/2 star rating from Romantic Times Magazine (the highest rating they give). Sometimes I feel like I'm living someone else's life and that I'm going to wake up in a strange house one of these days. I'm so grateful to all the people who've cheered me on. God is good.

Milestone Day: This is news that I'm whispering. Tomorrow I step into a new decade of my life. I'm not going willingly, but hopefully with grace. I only know that if the next ten years are half as amazing as the last ten, it will still be a wonderful life.

So, is it just me, or is the earth turning faster? Why are the days going by in a blur? And please do not tell me, it's because I'm older.


Anonymous said...
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Camille Eide said...

Happy Birthday, Carla!!! God bless you! I hope you can enjoy your day and take a break from all the busyness and do what you love!

Can't wait to get Chasing Lilacs! I feel like an auntie to that precious first arriving infant, :-)

And yes, the earth turns faster now. I'm working on a scientific theory which has nothing to do with anyone getting older. I'm not.


Erica Vetsch said...

Happy Birthday, Carla, and don't worry about starting a new decade...the thirties will be great! ;)

Patti Lacy said...

And now you have more exciting news today with that PW starred review! May God continue to use your stories!

So excited for you!!

carla stewart said...

Thanks Camille, Erica, and Patti! I was so busy celebrating my b'day I abandoned my blog. Thank you all for your sweet comments.

Myra Johnson said...

You are having QUITE a terrific spring, Miss Carla!!! And I predict the summer will be even more exciting!

And just keep telling yourself that thing about how the world really is turning faster. Anything that helps! Besides, my Wii Fit age this week is only 29! I'll take it!