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Monday, July 19, 2010

CHASING LILACS Book Launch and Party

I'd been planning the day for a year - the book launch of Chasing Lilacs. It was a day I wanted to share with the folks who've walked beside me since the beginning of my writing journey. And having it in the Texas Panhandle where the book is set was a perfect choice.

AND because of the era of the story, the party / launch / bash / signing was a salute to the fifties.

How many of these do you remember?
Bubble Up
Lemonhead Candy
Clove chewing gum
BlackJack gun
IBC Root Beer
Nehi soda pop (grape anyone?)
Bit 'O Honey
Double Bubble

You get the idea. Like any great party, the preparation was intense, but filled with anticipation. I was fortunate to have an amazing team of people who worked behind the scenes filling various roles. Here's a brief run-down:

Max - hubby extraordinaire who listened tirelessly to my musings about the launch and did more than his share of work.

The two Gaylas - one who ran the bookstore and headed up the "food" committee, the other who did a superb job with publicity and getting the word out.

Pastor Mike and Betty who graciously allowed me to have the launch at the Community Worship Center.

Andy, Drake, and Nash who took on various roles from set-up to clean-up to serving up ice-cold root beer to helping guests sign up for the door prizes.

Allison who lent her creative hand in making the gift baskets.

Writing is a lonely life, but having a book launch takes an army, and I'm blessed to have had the best soldiers in the hemisphere for launching Chasing Lilacs. Thanks guys for all you did.

And thank you, friends, relatives, and book lovers who shared this day with me. A special thanks to Donna, who had a pastel drawing created by an artist in Denver to commemorate my first book. It's beautiful and dear to me.

By the way, in terms of success, we think around 75 or 80 people came to the launch, and Gayla sold 98 books through the bookstore, but the success to me was sharing time with precious friends who sat at the tables, laughing and reminiscing. That was worth celebrating!

Thank you, readers, for bearing with me. I know I'm lagging behind in bringing you pictures of the events I've attended in the past month. Up next will be my trip to St. Louis to the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS).

Until then, why not dish up a scoop of vanilla ice cream, pour some root beer over it, and take a trip back to the good old days. I know you want to.


Courtney Walsh said...

Sounds like this was a wonderful success!! I wish I could've come to support you too! :)

Julie Garmon said...

Oh, Carla. It looks absolutely like a perfect party! With you in spirit and love the candy ideas.


Gina Conroy said...

How exciting! Seems like all the hard work was worth it.

Anonymous said...
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carla stewart said...

Courtney, what a nice thing to say. I REALLY do wish you could've been here too. And Julie! You're the best encourager ever.

Gina, hope you're able to catch one of my signings soon!

Thanks, ladies. The journey is nicer with friends.