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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Old Friends and New: Book Signings Part Two

I went through all twelve grades with Angie
Last weekend, I returned to another of the "home fires" - the town where my parents grew up and where my sister and dad still live. Although the times I've actually lived there have been short, it's where I come home to - where many of my relatives lived and died. But it's more than being related to people - there's a kinship with the folks in the Panhandle that transcends blood ties. It's knowing someone who is related to an old classmate or someone who knew your mom when she worked at the bank or someone who's heard about my book down at the Baptist church. It's small town friendliness where you're not really strangers, but friends who just haven't met yet.

When I learned I would be attending my grandson's concert a couple counties over on Dec. 5, I called Virginia, a friend who had been asking me to come to Guymon for a book signing. And what a day she and a half dozen others put together! On Saturday morning, The Word Weavers, a small, but dedicated writing group, hosted a reception at Main Street Guymon (the tourism/public relations office).

The Word Weavers prepared the brunch and organized everything. Thank You!

Signing Books at the doctor's desk
A little side note here: The Main Street Office is housed in a restored building that was for many years the office of Dr. Hays. The ladies had me set at the doctor's roll-top desk to set up my display and sign books. It made me feel rather scholarly . . . and quite honored, to be sure.

We had a wonderful turnout! The Word Weaver's served brunch, asked me to do a reading (a first for me), and before I knew it, it was time to scoot over to the Guymon Public Library for the next event - a punch and cookies reception and signing hosted by the Friends of the Library.

Friends of the Library had punch & cookies at Guymon Library

Mary Gail on left, my sister Marsha on right
My dad, my sister Marsha, many of Marsha's friends, a high school classmate, a couple of sisters of high school classmates, and a host of lovely people stopped by at both locations. It was a wonderful day. And like the title of this posts - old friends and new - I'm blessed to have both. And I learned that, yes, you can go home again.
Many thanks to Virginia and Pam and the Word Weavers for your hard work, for the amazing job you did on the publicity. A special thanks to Melyn Johnson for wanting to have the reception at Main Street Guymon and to Sherry Lindley and the Friends of the Library for making me feel welcome. The only sad note of the day was that Virginia, who had worked so hard, came down with a stomach bug a couple of days before the events and was unable to come. I was so sorry she had to miss and am grateful that she is now feeling much better.

I will post more pictures in an album on FaceBook in a day or so and will update you with the link when I do so. In the meantime, I have many warm memories for this chilly December. Perfect weather for curling up with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. Which I plan to do as soon as I finish my Christmas shopping.

Until next time . . . .

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Myra Johnson said...

Love the pix, especially the one of you signing at the roll-top desk!