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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Inspire a Fire Website goes LIVE today

Today's the day! Months have gone into planning, praying, and assembling a team to bring you Inspire a Fire - a website that will tug at your heartstrings as you read stories about real people who've had tremendous struggles or feel compelled to step out into the world and make a difference.
We believe one person has the power to make a huge difference in the world and eternity. Sometimes it only takes one match, one spark, to ignite an inferno of change.

Brought to you by the creators of Novel Rocket (formerly Novel Journey), an entire team has pulled together for this endeavor. I'm excited about the possibilities and being a part. I will post on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.

We'd love for you to check us out now. And please, click on the Submissions tab at the very top if you know someone in your community who has a great story or is doing something extraordinary. And go to the Make a Difference tab to see how can be involved in your own community.

We're very excited about this website and hope to see you there! Please stop by and leave a comment.

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