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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Days and Hours, A Review

By Susan Meissner
Harvest House Publishers

Days and Hours is the third book in the Rachael Flynn mystery series. I became a fan of Susan’s work this summer. Her easy writing style and chair-gripping scenes woven with unique and quirky characters are only half the story. In each of the Rachael Flynn books, the plight of children comes to the front as Rachael uses her special gifts as a mother, an attorney, and a woman with touched-by-God insights to bring justice and compassion to the Minneapolis-St. Paul setting.

Back Cover: A baby is found abandoned . . . and the effect on attorney and mother Rachael Flyy is profound. Marcie, the infant’s young mother with a history of drug abuse, is the chief suspect. Marcie insists she’s innocent and demands that Leo, her baby son, be returned to her. But Marcie’s mother and sister say otherwise.
When baby Leo is found missing a second time, the evidence against Marcie seems overwhelming. But relying on her own motherly intuition—and a faith that God is using her to resolve this puzzling case—Rachael chooses to believe Marcie’s story and digs for the truth of what really happened . . . and who is responsible.

Susan Meissner is an award winning novelist, and this one is destined for honor as well. In Days and Hours, Rachael Flynn struggles with being a working mom while being immersed in the world of less fortunate single mothers who have fewer choices and need special attention in parenting skills. A thought-provoking book that shows that there are no easy answers. I especially love Rachael’s husband, Trace, an artist, and his circle of artist friends who bring humor and warmth to Rachael’s world. I want to meet these people! And I think you will, too, after reading this book.

Thank you, Susan, for another great read.

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