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Friday, November 9, 2007


There is just something wired into me that loves to get in the car and go somewhere. Even two or three hour jaunts to visit the kids or go to a meeting. Meet someone for lunch. I’ve never minded driving alone, but going with someone is even better. This weekend Max and I are off to visit family and friends and attend a wedding reception. I’ve spent the day in anticipation while getting ready. Here’s what I love about road trips.
  • The sound of the car door as you slam it for the last time and mentally tick off all the things you were supposed to bring: clothes, suitcases, vitamins, make-up, the dog, doggie treats . . . Satisfied you’ve got it all, you pull out of the drive. The first thing I do is heave a sigh and relax. Nothing to do now but enjoy the ride.
  • Conversation. Max and I have traveled a lot of miles together, and one of the things I enjoy most is uninterrupted conversation. Something about being captive in an automobile seems to unleash a never-ending series of subjects to talk about. Past trips we’ve taken and people we’ve known, the present joys and trials going on in our lives, and nearly always, our dreams for the future. And when lapses comes, it’s all right. We’ve been together long enough, we can read other’s minds anyway.
  • Music. It used to be favorite CD’s, but Max’s new SUV came with a Sirius radio, so now we can tune to All Sinatra, All the Time or the Oldies channel. There’s even a channel that plays ancient radio serials like Fibber McGee and Molly and The Shadow. We’ll bring the music CD’s along for good measure, though.
  • Pit stops and snacks. We both like to make frequent stops for coffee or potty breaks. And certain snacks are reserved only for road trips. Did anyone say Gardetto’s? Just one rule. You both have to eat them or the garlic can be a wee bit annoying for the non-partaker. The only time I eat sunflower seeds is on trips, while Max goes for the honey-roasted cashews.
  • New vistas. Even though we may be traveling a familiar road, there are always changes to comment on or memories associated with certain features along the way. Going new places is even better with sights to drink in and wondering what’s beyond the next bend.
  • Coming home. After a quick weekend or a two-week vacation, there’s just nothing like seeing the lights of the city come into view and knowing that you’re almost there. Home again, safe at last. That was one of my kid’s favorite last lines in a Berenstain Bears book, and it’s still true. Back in our own bed. Safe. A few new memories to file away. Fresh perspective as we begin a new week, a new project, or just come back to an unfinished project rejuvenated, ready to tackle it again.

    Today, we’ve got sunny skies and fall weather so perfect it nearly brings tears to your eyes. It’s going to be a good trip. How about you? Been on any good trips lately? I would love to hear about them.

    Happy Trails!


The Koala Bear Writer said...

You so perfectly captured everything that's lovely about road trips. I have to agree with you! My hubby and I have a lot of family/friends scattered around the provinces, so we've done a lot of travelling together. This weekend we're driving an hour and a half for a friend's wedding, and we'll have a friend carpooling along. I'm looking forward to the chance to chat while we drive.

carla stewart said...

One of my favorite road trips was when we flew to Calgary for a convention, and when it was over, we drove with two other couples to Banff and up to the Colombian ice fields. Fabulous trip. How did God come up with all those breathtaking sights?
Have a great weekend.

One More Writer said...

In the last couple of years, all my road trips have involved teenagers and high school football playoff games. But I have to say, those are fun road trips, too. The excited anticipation on the way there, the reliving of the great moments of the game on the way home. Call me strange, but I like traveling with my teenagers!

Erica Vetsch said...

I love road trips too! I usually take a book to read aloud to the family while we drive. And singing along with the radio, and playing the alphabet game, and stopping at hokey tourist traps and taking pictures. :)