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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


When I began writing eight years ago, Panhandle Professional Writers in Amarillo, TX was the nearest writers' group to our home in the Oklahoma Panhandle. There I met some of the friendliest, most talented and helpful people on the planet. PPW was the womb where my writing dreams were nurtured and grew. So now I'm delighted to tell you about the new release of four special gals from Amarillo.

Give Me a Cowboy is the encore book to last year's Give Me a Texan. Each book has four novellas, with Give Me a Cowboy having a common thread about a working ranch rodeo in the 1890 Texas Panhandle. The authors, Jodi Thomas, Linday Broday, Phyllis Miranda, and DeWanna Pace have already garnered numerous four and five stars review on their newest book. In addition, it's been picked as Doubleday, Rhapsody, and Book of the Month Club selections.

Congratulations, ladies!

Sounds fun, doesn't it? If you're not yet convinced, check out this book trailer.

And for all you readers out there--what is it about Cowboys (the real hat-wearin', boot-stompin' kind) and Texans that make such irresistable heroes???


Myra Johnson said...

Ooooh, Carla, what a racy cover! This must be one hot book!

Erica Vetsch said...

I love cowboys, and for me, it's the fact that in order to be a true cowboy, the hero must abide by The Code of The West...he will do the right thing, even if it isn't the best thing for him. He fears nothing except breaking that code of honor. The code permeates everything: treatment of women, work-ethic, justice, treatment of's just something cool that you don't find in any other historical era than the American West, and it lingers today in modern cowboys.

Lots of chance to throw conflict into the path of a man like that. :)

carla stewart said...

Yep, Myra, the cover is hot. When I read the synopsis on the link, I loved the characters' names, too. Great bunch of gals who authored this book.
Excellent observations, Erica. My dad's a cowboy, so I have a certain leaning toward them. And it's true that even today, cowboys are some of the nicest guys around. Me thinks it's the women who tangle their ropes and throw them the curves . . . or as you say, throw conflict in their paths.
I just found out that another cowboy writer I know is the voice on the book trailer - Dusty Richards, who writes a mean western himself. LOL!