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Sunday, September 27, 2009


A few days before my oldest son’s twelfth birthday, the element went out of our electric oven. This was during the era when we actually baked birthday cakes instead of stopping by the local bakery and ordering the sugary, themed cakes that are routine today. I considered it part of my vow of motherhood to bake and decorate my boys’ birthday cakes – or any family member, for that matter. Everyone had their favorites, so on your birthday, you had “your” special flavor.

So, what’s a mom to do without a functioning oven?

It was no secret that Andy, the birthday boy, adored his Grandma Stewart’s cherry cream pies . . . and since no oven was required, I announced he would be getting a birthday pie that year. He declared it the best birthday ever. And so began a new tradition—Andy’s birthday PIE.

In honor of Andy’s birthday this week, and because I only bring you the best treats here at the café, here’s the recipe for Cherry Cream Pie. Happy Birthday, Andy!


1 large bar cream cheese
½ cup lemon juice (Minute Maid frozen, real juice)
1 can Eagle Brand milk

Mix in food processor until very smooth.
Pour into 12-inch graham cracker crust (the extra serving size).
Top with 1 can creamed cherry pie filling.
Refrigerate two hours before serving.

How about you? Any quirky birthday traditions in your family???


Camille Cannon Eide said...

Funny - my oven died back in July, the day before my birthday, and I sort of never got around to calling the repair guy. Who wants to bake in summer anyway? But I did finally get it fixed last week just in time to make my son Ben his favorite birthday cake. It's nothing great, but once I'd make this for him, he's requested it ever since. It's a vanilla cake with a butterscotch mousse filling, made from instant pudding (1/4 of the milk called for) with cool whip folded in.

My diabetic husband loves the low-sugar chocolate pie I make for his birthday, and people can't tell it's low-sugar. I use a chocolate crust, make a filling with sugar free instant chocolate pudding (1/2 the milk called for) and lite cool whip folded in, then top with more cool whip lite and sprinkle mini chocolate chips on top. It's a hit at family holiday potlucks with all our teenage relatives, too. I just love it because it's so easy.

Thanks for the recipe, Carla. I've made one like this before. Cherry and cheese are my favs! And my good friend bakes me a cherry pie for my birthday every year from cherries she hand-picks, pits and cans herself. That, and the fact that her pies are the best on the planet make this my favorite birthday treat ever!!

carla stewart said...

Ooooh, Camille, I like the sound of that chocolate pie. I'm going to remember that for the chocolate lovers in our family. And I'm glad we're not the only family who celebrates birthdays with PIE!

Erica Vetsch said...

Wow, that pie sounds so yummy!

Birthday traditions? My father calls and sings happy birthday to me and the kids on our birthdays. We look forward to it all day.

Julie Garmon said...

Growing up, this was my FAVORITE dessert. And so simple too. Thanks for the reminder. I have to eat gluten-free now, but I think everything but the shell is GF. I'll substitute.

carla stewart said...

Erica, what a fun b'day tradition! More so when you don't live close to family.

Julie, we love this recipe--the creamy filling is my favorite. I vote NO crust!

Thanks, gals, for stopping by--I love having you.

Martha A. said...


carla stewart said...

Thanks, Martha, for your succinct comment. Pretty much sums it up!