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Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am fortunate to be sharing my writing journey with other authors whose first novels released this year. Although I’m not personally acquainted with all the debut authors on this list, I’ve been entertained with a great variety of inspirational fiction. These ladies have set the bar high for me and others trying to break into the magical world of publishing.

For your reading enjoyment, I present – in no particular order – my Top Five Debut Novels for 2009: Inspirational.

Lovely books from some great up-and-coming authors.

Next week – Ten Great Novels from 2009!

And to round out the year, the last week in December – Top Four Amazing Novels from 2009 and why you should read them.

I can’t imagine a world without books, can you?


Koala Bear Writer said...

Talking to the Dead is on my list of top novels too! Haven't read the others... I'll be posting a list like this soon as well. There were so many good books this last year!

Erica Vetsch said...

Thank you, Carla! You're so kind!

carla stewart said...

Koala Bear Writer - I'm anxious to read your list, too. YES, there were a lot of good books this year - maybe the best offerings ever.

Erica, you're welcome and well deserve to be on this list. You're a wonderful writer!

Joyce said...

Thank you for mentioning Agnes Sparrow, Carla. Merry Christmas!

Carole said...

I have 4 out of 5 of these books on my shelf, just waiting for that perfect, not-so-busy time to read them. Thank you for your list, Carla.

Carole said...

Carla, after your recommendation, I looked up The Bartered Bride online and read the reviews. Now I would love to read this book, but it's not available on Kindle yet. The size print in paperbacks is too small for me to comfortably read, so the Kindle is a blessing. If it ever becomes available in that format, I'll definitely buy it.

Myra Johnson said...

Thanks for including One Imperfect Christmas in your list, Carla. My book is in very good company!

carla stewart said...

Joyce, I loved Agnes Sparrow! Thanks for stopping by.

Carole, Yes, these books are all worth setting aside time to read them. The Bartered Bride is put out by Heartsong Presents (Barbour), and I'm not sure if they have a large print format. I do understand about having a hard time w/ the small print - it helps if I read in a well lighted area.

Myra, much deserved, my friend! And sorry I couldn't include Autumn Rains - your second book of 2009. It was a wonderful book as well.

Merry Christmas to all! Can't believe it's almost here.

D'Ann Mateer said...

I'm way behind on my reading this year, but of those 5 I've read Talking to the Dead and it was fabulous! I'm thinking yours will be in someone else's top 5 from debut authors in 2010!

carla stewart said...

Thanks, D'Ann. Not holding my breath, but appreciate your kind words.

Some very good new books out there this year, and yes, I'm so far behind, I'll never catch up.

Merry Christmas!

Patti Lacy said...

Carla, thanks for the recommendations!
Can't wait to read ALL FIVE!!!!!!!!!!

The stack totters on the bedside table...


carla stewart said...

Patti, just wait. In a day or two, I'm putting my top ten of the year. You might find someone in there you know :-)))

Bonnie Grove said...

Thanks for the shout out, Carla!
And congrats on your own wonderful debut!
I really appreciate it. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

carla stewart said...

Thanks, Bonnie for the Christmas wishes. It was a nice one, and you are most deserving of the honor. I know many others will be coming your way, and I do hope you snag a copy of my book when it comes out :-))