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Friday, November 18, 2011

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day 18

Day 18. The Letter R for Random. 

Some random things I’m thankful for today. Here goes:          
         My iPad!
My awesome new hairdresser!
                    My friend Debbie remains cancer free after her latest checkup (along with my sis and my cousin) - Yay!!!
I love elastic waists . . . . and spandex.
                                 My mammo came back A-OK.
                  I am my dog’s favorite person (my sweet hubby just 
                                              told  me this, but I already knew it).
            Foreman grills.                           
                         My friend Glo is Grammy again for the third time.
       This year’s Thanksgiving turkey is already in the freezer. 
The foliage this year was in Technicolor. 
        We survived our first earthquake! (Along with 3.75 million other people in my state)
Two of my best writing buddies have debut books hitting the market soon!

I could go on and on, but the thing I’m most grateful for on “random” day is that it wasn’t random at all that Jesus came to earth, that he lived and died for me, that my days were planned before the foundations of the earth. The joy of belonging to Jesus and the hope of eternity lifts me to the heavens every day.

I’m not worthy. But I am thankful.


Camille Eide said...

I LOVE your random thankfulness, Carla. And btw, Zelda has Xtremely good taste. :-) So wonderful to hear the humility of your heart in your gratitude for these things, great and small. Also thankful you are "in the clear", that's worth more than turkeys in the freezer for life. :-)

carla stewart said...

Thanks, Camille! It's overwhelming when you stop and really consider EVERYTHING we have to be thankful for.