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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day 23

Day 23. The Letter W.

Today is a grab bag of things that I’m thankful for that begin with the letter “W”, and at the end of the post, a special surprise for you.

Words: No secret here – I’m in love with words. I’m in love with Writing words. I love it when I think about it for two days and find the exact perfect word for a scene that I’m working on. I know it’s a quirk, but it does give rise to another thing for which I’m thankful – the community of Writers. Thankfully, people in this weird tribe understand what I’m talking about.

One of my writing pals – who is a doll and not weird at all – is Alice Wisler, a two-time Christy award nominee. She writes tender love stories with fun, quirky characters who have a touch of southern sass AND Alice always includes recipes in her books. I love that about her, and I think you’ll like her latest release:

A Wedding Invitation.

After returning home from teaching English at a refugee camp in the Philippines, Samantha Bravencourt enjoys her quiet life working at her mother's clothing boutique in Falls Church, Virginia. When she receives an invitation to a wedding in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, she looks forward to reconnecting with her college friend. Instead her life collides with Carson, a fellow teacher and the man who broke her heart, and a young Amerasian refugee named Lien who needs Samantha and Carson's help to find her mother before Lien's own wedding. When the search for Lien's mother reveals surprising secrets from the past, Samantha must reevaluate her own memories and decide whether to continue to play it safe or take a risk that could change her life.

If you would like to read the first chapter of A Wedding Invitation, go HERE.

Now, the fun for you. I’ll be giving away a copy of A Wedding Invitation on Saturday, Dec. 3. To get your name in the hat for the drawing, please leave a comment WITH YOUR CONTACT INFO on this post and tell me what you are most grateful for this Thanksgiving. I’ve done enough talking this month, it’s your turn!  

Disclosure: This book was provided by Bethany House. Contest void where prohibited. Chances of winning dependent on number of entries.


Susan said...

I am of course grateful for my family all around me. But I am also grateful for all the awesome bloggers I have found this past year. It has been wonderful!

Thanks for the chance to win A Wedding Invitation!

Susan @ The Book Bag

Alice J. Wisler said...

Hi, Carla, thanks for hosting the giveaway of my novel!

Judy said...

First and foremost I am thankful for my Salvation. Next, I'm thankful for my husband, children and grandchildren. I'm thankful for my FB family and friends. I'm thankful for great bloggers who give us a chance to win great books from great authors! Whew!

Lastly I'm thankful for a chance to win a copy of A Wedding Invitation!

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!!
Judy B

carla stewart said...

Thanks, all! Alice, glad to have you drop by. Have a blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow.

dmorris said...

Carla, thanks for hosting the giveaway. I'm.thankful for my family and that they are all Christians and raising their family with Christ as the head of their households.
Donna Morris

Josanne said...

My husband and I spent many days and nights on a couple of trips to the Philippines. Hearing the word conjures up the food, the culture and the sweet filipinos. We went there on some missions efforts. We were there once when Mount Pinatubo erupted. It was devastating to the areas in the path of the lahar (mud and lava that dries like cement). Yet, the good memories overpower that experience. Thankfulness. After last night, and into the morning, preparation for dinner today; I am thankful for all the women who have gone before who planned and prepared meals for me and my family. It is a labor of love for sure. This year I am trying a recipe from Rose McCauley's novella, Nick's Christmas Carol. It is dressing from scratch. It involves pre-cooking, tearing toast, crumbling cornbread and shmooshing it all together. The final cooking and eating will be today. It smells good so far, and I am anticipating a new Thanksgiving staple! Please . . . throw my name in the hat for Alice's book. I'd love to read it.

Nancy Farrier said...

I always have trouble figuring out one thing to be thankful for. I guess if I could only say one, it would be that I'm thankful God loves me just as I am, and that He has so richly blessed me. Oops! I think that was two after all. :) I would love to be entered in the contest. nancyjfarrier[at]gmail[dot]com

lollipops said...

I would love to read this book. Heard good things about it.

What I am thankful for - so many things... That God sent His son, Jesus... that He loves me. That I have a wonderful husband of 25 years. I have five beautiful children who are home. I have two published books (a dream come true!) I have a home, and a vehicle that runs. I am so blessed.

Debs Desk said...

I am thankful for a job I love. I am very lucky during these hard times to have a great job that pays well. Please include me in your giveaway.

Sharon said...

I am thankful for my friends in book club. We have laughed, cried and prayed for each other the past year. A love of books brought us together, the love of God keeps us bound together and a growing love for each other is more precious every time we meet.
smoore at tcq dot net

Ginger said...

I'm thankful for good books to read and my family (not necessarily in that order).

ginger dot solomon at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I'd love to win the book. I'm a spinal cord injury survivor and I spend a lot of time reading to pass the time.

authorboyles at

Lindi said...

No need to enter me in the drawing--I'm reading The Wedding Invitation now--fabulous!! I'm loving it. I love Alice's writing. So a congrats to the winner--you are in for a treat.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for my friends who've stood with me through thick and thin. They are really fantastic people and I'm grateful for them! :)

Please enter me for this giveaway if it's open to internationals.



Sandee61 said...

Hi Carla...I'm most thankful for my faith and my family. They are my biggest blessing and I have so much to be thankful for. Thank you for the entry for Alice's new book, I'd love to read it. I've had the pleasure of reading all of hers, as well as yours.

Merry Christmas! Have a blessed Holiday,


Jo said...

I am so thankful for my husband and family. They are my blessings and I thank G-d every day for them. Please enter me.