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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day 22

Day 22. The Letter V for Dream Vacation. 

Last May, Max and I had the trip of a lifetime – a week in Maui. We had not really intended to plan such a trip even though “everyone” said we should. Then, to our surprise, Max found out his company wanted him to attend a leadership conference in Maui – on their nickel. This was not rocket science. Of course we went.

Even now, six months later, when I close my eyes, I see glorious sunsets and remember my first glimpse of lipstick trees (which are much more vivid in person than in this photo!) and the rocky cliffs along the twisty road to Hana. Apparently we “just missed” seeing George Lopez, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Steven Tyler, but it wasn’t the celebrities I went for. What I remember most was walking on the beach in the moonlight, sipping MaiTais in an open air café jutting out over the Pacific, and the sweet indulgence of Maui gold pineapple. It was like “everyone” said – paradise on earth – the handiwork of God at its finest.

What a special gift. My heart is full with the memories. And lest the images grow dim, I still have 650 digital photographs to remind me. Here are a couple you might like.


What is your dream vacation? What are you waiting for? 



Tracy Ruckman said...

How wonderful that you got to experience that. Great photos, too!!

I dream too big with my vacation ideas. I need to learn to just pick one place or another. My dreams carry me all over the world! :-)

carla stewart said...

I know what you mean, Tracy. When we went to England (a long time ago) I thought I had to see everything and Scotland too. I've learned it's okay to just go one place and enjoy the local flavor. And in Maui - it was terrific!

What place do you dream of going?