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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day 28

Day 28. 

A frost is in the air. Most of the turkey is gone. ALL of the pie is gone (thank goodness for that!). The house is quiet. All is calm. And I’m thankful for the relaxed Thanksgiving we've had with two of our sons and their families. We enjoyed eating (of course), watching football, playing cards in the kitchen, and doing a jigsaw puzzle in the dining room.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed sitting around a table, sorting puzzle pieces by color, elbowing each other looking for just the right piece. It’s a sort of being together that we don’t do much of anymore, and you know I’ve missed that. With our iPads and data phones and laptops, I wonder if we’ve forgotten how to just “be” with one another. No agenda. No volume controls. No clock to watch. And you can get up from the table and meander off to do something else for awhile or stretch your legs. And when you come back with a cuppa something warm, someone will have added a few new pieces and you settle in for another session, heads together, bent over looking for an elusive piece or giving a little hoo-rah when you find it. And always toward the end, the pieces start flying into place and you joke about who will get to put in the last piece. Being the grownups we were, we let one of the grandkids have the esteemed honor.

I’m thankful for the reminder of simpler times, of the pleasure of doing a jigsaw puzzle. And because I enjoyed it so much, I’ve added “get a new puzzle” to the Christmas list. Actually, I can’t wait.

How about you? Were there any reminders of the past from your Thanksgiving weekend? What family activities did your family enjoy?

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